Monday, February 27, 2017

CORYELL - st LP w Barefoot Boy LP w larry coryell - spaces LP w CORYELL bw MOUZON - Back Together Again LP 77 w CORYELL bw CATHERINE - Splendid LP 78

Rest In Peace, Larry Coryell aged 73 from last week.  Incredible musician who enjoys the extremes in musical expression, from hard rock raw sounding all the way to fast jazz fusion.  Looks like I somehow missed Barefoot Boy pictures so will have to bring in.
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Twink and The Fairies - 1978 - Do It '77 7 w TWINK with Plasticland - You Need A Fairy Godmother LP 89 w TWINK - Mr. Rainbow LP 90

Here we have the world famous TWINK from recent post of the Pink Fairies and Pretty Things.
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RORY GALLAGHER - The Story So Far LP 73 and bonus!

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Here is the my second Rory vinyl rip listed first along with some other Rory files I got from another blog recently:
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ROCKWELL - Somebody's Watching Me EP 83 w Captured LP 85

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NICHOLAS TREMULIS - More Than The Truth LP 87

Another last one or two from my boss, thanks!

HOYT AXTON - Life Machine LP 74


Heaven 17 - How Men Are LP 84


THE RINGS - st LP 81 w Rhythm Method LP 81

REPOST Request:  O.K. this is an oldy but a goody!

VA - The Best Of The Boston Beat WCOZ LP 79

REPOST Request:  Love these radio station compilations from the seventies, it features:  Night Visitors, Kid Morocco, Johanna Wild, The Fools, Johnny Barnes, Thundertrain, The Stompers, Luna, Joanne Barnhard, Gordon Cruiser, The Atlantics and Ray Paul and RPM.

SWA - Sex Dr LP

REPOST Request:  This is the only SWA I could find...anybody GOT more to post?

SKUNK - Last American Virgin LP 89 w Laid LP 91

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Derelicts - (Drunkest Hits) Going out of Style 1986-90


SIMON TOWNSHEND - Sweet Sound LP 83 w Moving Targets LP 85

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King Sighter - The One-Eyed Giant LP

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The Sinceros - The Sound Of Sunbathing LP 79 w Pet Rock LP 81

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Geoff Downes And The New Dance Orchestra - The Light Program 2LP 86

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GARY NUMAN TUBEWAY ARMY - Bombers EP w That's Too Bad EP w Replicas LP

A couple more older Tubeway Army downloads I found to add to last weeks Gary posting.

ANGEL OF THE ODD - Hiding From Fears LP

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